About us

Since 2009, we at tuneful have been burning for digital multidimensionality: Our creative team, which consists of experts from different fields, has a high level of technical understanding and consists of talented 3D artists, innovative motion designers, enthusiastic VR enthusiasts, accomplished programmers, creative media designers, UX/UI designers and experienced web designers.

Based in Hamburg, we support clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with photorealistic 3D renderings, stunning 3D animations, interactive VR applications and much more.

Portrait von Ronny Leimbach - Geschäftsführer der 3D-Agentur

Ronny Leimbach


Portrait von Rudolph Götz - Account Manager der 3D-Agentur

Rudolph Götz

Account Manager

Portrait von Claudia Drewes

Claudia Drewes

Front Office

Alexander Müller

Art Director

Illustration eines Designers bei der Arbeit

Our aspiration

We bring your ideas and visions to life.
As a creative 3D agency, we are convinced that the opportunities of visual marketing are far from exhausted. That’s why it is our claim to achieve a maximum immersive effect with every single 3D project that will directly captivate your target group. Would you like to see this for yourself?