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With the dreamoc ™ from Realfiction, you can arrange your products in "Magic Meetings" as an eyecatcher. A combination that not only captivates every viewer and is remembered, but also leads to demonstrable increases in sales by connecting a physical product inside the display and an individually created holographic animation.

Your product is surrounded by a specially created holographic animation. This animation is developed in consultation with you and can be exchanged at any time for another product with the appropriate animation. Only the memory card must be replaced. We can also create holographic animations without objects inside the dreamoc ™. A personalization of the Dreamoc according to your corporate design is also possible.

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Dreamoc - A guaranteed head-turner

After the fair, our customers regularly report on the effectiveness of the "visitor stopper", which brings the passers-by to linger and wonder, leading to more visitors at the exhibition stand.
Make use of this extraordinary presentation tool for creating "magic meetings" between reality and fiction and experience the fascination of holographic animations with you and your visitors at your next event or exhibition.

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