Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) - An exciting topic with enormous potential and an almost infinite amount of possible applications, which is now just ahead of its big breakthrough. The topic is driven by massive investments from companies like Facebook, HTC, Google or even Samsung. On the hardware side, technological revolutions such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive are accelerating the evolution of VR-gear that will expand the possibilities for creative minds to infinity. The moon landing was broadcast on live TV. With VR technology we will experience the landing on Mars in unimagined intensity, as if we were astronauts ourselves.

Applications using 360 ° photos and videos

Photo and video shooting in 360º mode provides the viewer with extraordinary spatial awareness. The experience of 360° images allows for a better perception of dimensions, surroundings and atmosphere than is possible with conventional camera / video technology. On computers, smartphones or tablets, the viewer can look and orient himself in the picture / video at his own discretion. A further increase is possible by viewing with VR glasses. In VR, one can figuratively "dive" into a whole new world!


  • "Real" 3D space experience
  • Ideal for demonstrations at fairs / showrooms
  • Low cost
  • Fast development time
  • 24 hour express service possible

Applications with 360 ° renderings and animations

3D renderings and animations are a simple, comprehensible and versatile medium in order to present even complex issues in an easily understandable way. They make it possible to gracefully emphasize the highlights of a product without language barriers. In addition, renderings and animations help to build a modern, innovative company image.


  • Visualization of non-real objects and environments (e.g., prototypes)
  • Unlimited creative possibilities
  • High immersion degree (immersion in the virtual space)
  • Not subject to the limitations of real images (e.g., unwanted image contents)

Applications with real-time 3D

Through the combination of real-time and VR, the viewer feels subconsciously that the illusion is real and experiences full immersion into the virtual world around him. This creates infinite possibilities for creating virtual environments and bringing the viewer directly into contact with your themes or simply providing for a lasting experience. In doing so, interactive content, linear (guided) presentations or even 360 ° videos become a fascinating and lasting impressive experience.


  • Unlimited creative possibilities
  • Unlimited Interaction in Real-Time
  • Perfect immersion of the viewer
  • Memorable experience
  • Expandable / flexible - can be expanded to fit your requirements.
  • Not subject to the limitations of real images (e.g., unwanted image contents)

Three-dimensional photo views and renderings

With this type of representation, a slightly offset image is produced for both eyes, which ensures a visible depth effect. This allows the atmosphere of a recording to be transferred without loss and an impressive experience can be created.


  • Highest level of realism / immersion
  • Compatible with all VR glasses
  • "Real" 3D space experience
  • Cost-effective thanks to faster development time
  • Ideal for demonstrations at fairs / showrooms

Areas of application

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Interactiv virtual 360 ° tours

Virtual tours for exhibition stands, production facilities, showrooms and architecture.

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Interactive product presentations

Make your product presentation a virtual experience for your customers.

Interactive 3D configurators

Allow your customers to customize their product according to their needs.

E-Learning & simulation

Increase the sustainability of your e-learning activities through authentic simulation environments.

Virtual Reality Glasses

Oculus Rift/ Meta Quest 2

A VR glasses with a particularly large field of view and fast movement sensors. Immediately after the set - up, one finds oneself in a different world again and is in all directions of This. It gives the impression of being in the middle of this world. Every movement of the head is taken by the spectacles and directly to the Virtual world. This gives the impression that one can look around in a natural way and also move towards objects. Objects in the virtual world appear so real that you want to grab and often do. A virtual roller coaster ride becomes a reality-oriented experience and leaves a slouchy feeling in the belly.

HTC Vive

This VR glasses, developed by HTC and Valve, impresses with a unique tracking in the room. On an area of up to 25 m², several users can be recorded simultaneously. In addition, two Vive controllers enable unprecedented interaction in the virtual world. The spectacle itself has a high-resolution display, fast sensors and a wide field of view. Just like the Oculus, the Vive also offers a high degree of immersion.

Samsung Gear VR

The biggest advantage of the mobile devices lies in the release from the cable. In addition, you benefit directly from the experience of the Oculus Rift development. However, while the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are still firmly connected to the PC, the Gear VR also adds a mobile aspect, which gives the experience a certain freedom. VR always and everywhere - as mobile as telephoning!

Google Cardboard und Co

And then there are many more, partly very favorable solutions, which are suitable because of low costs even as a brandable advertising medium. In this case, the spectacles serve only the immersion and division of the field of view. All other functions are controlled by the mobile phone. This creates a cordless freedom, which also provides lasting impressions in the virtual world.

VR Middleware

Unity3D is the most widely used 3D engine in the world with a growing number of users. Many well-known companies like Microsoft or Google rely on a cooperation with this company. From the photorealistic real-time visualization of 3D content, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mobile Apps and more, all applications can be exported to a variety of platforms. One of Unity3D’s greatest strengths is the high performance even with older hardware as well as the wide range of application possibilities and available platforms.

WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a technology to display 3D content in modern web browsers and to interactively experience it without having to install additional plugins. 3D programs such as Unity3D, Unreal Engine, Maya and Blender support this technology with export possibilities. Compared to desktop 3D applications, a simplified representation is often generated so that even computers with less high-end hardware can easily display the contents. We use this technology to create VR applications based on photos, videos, renderings and videos.

As a founding member of the 3D Engines, Unreal has been on the market since 1998 and has already been the base of many famous computer and console games. This engine pre-eminently focuses on a photo-realistic look for applications on high-end computers.

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