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General questions

What data about my product do I need to bring for a 3D visualization?

Ideally, you provide us with the 3D data or the CAD data for your product. But even if these are not available, we are guaranteed to find a solution to depict your product photorealistically and in detail in 3D.

Do I need a finished storyboard or is a rough idea enough?

No matter where you are at the moment in the development of your idea – we pick you up exactly where you are. This means that we can either take care of the entire conception of the project or work exactly according to your ideas based on your drafts.

Which animations are particularly elaborate?

Every 3D artist loves them: Photorealistic particle animation, as seen in dust clouds, smoke, fire or water, for example. These not only place enormous demands on the skills of our 3D professionals, but also on the computing capacities of our computers.

How long are the lead times for 3D projects?

Depending on the scope of the project, we should be given a corresponding lead time. While a single rendering is often done quickly, we plan two to three weeks for extensive 3D projects. 

Should you be bound to certain deadlines, please always feel free to contact us anyway. Together we are guaranteed to find a satisfactory solution.

3D animation questions

How can my 3D animation be set to music?

The right background music adds the finishing touch to any 3D animation. For this, we usually use large music databases that offer high-quality titles at fair prices. 

Alternatively, we work with selected musicians who compose an exclusive song for the animation, which we can then include in the production from the beginning.

If the 3D animation is to be accompanied by spoken text, we recommend our sound studio, which maintains contacts with professional speakers and reliably produces high-quality audio contributions.

3D Renderings Questions

Can I get the graphic for my product without a background?

With tuneful, no wishes remain open for you: We deliver any desired file format, for example a PNG with alpha channel or a Photoshop file, which you can edit yourself afterwards and fade in and out backgrounds or shadows.

Configurators and interactive sales tools Questions

What information do I need to provide so that the cost framework for my product configurator can be mapped out?

Just describe to us what experience you want for your clientele. In technical jargon, we refer to this as the user experience.

Furthermore, we need a list of all products and configuration options that will be offered in your online store later on.

Virtual Reality Questions

Which VR glasses do the VR applications work with?

As a rule, we develop our VR applications specifically for the respective VR glasses on which the application is to run later. Accordingly, your VR application will be optimized specifically for the requirements of, for example, the Oculus Quast, the Meta Quest 3 or even Cardboard glasses. Nevertheless, an output on other VR glasses is of course possible.

Interactive showrooms Questions

How do photo-based showrooms differ from 3D showrooms?

Photo-based showrooms are developed using 360-degree photographs. This is usually more cost-effective than 3D modeling of the entire scene. 

In return, a 3D showroom offers unlimited possibilities in the creative and interactive staging of your products. At the same time, product enhancements or changes in corporate design are easily possible at any time with the 3D model.