Interactive applications

We bring your product world to life – with interactive 3D visualizations, 360° tours and breathtaking VR animations.

Interactive applications

We bring your product world to life – with interactive 3D visualizations, 360° tours and breathtaking VR animations.


Be part of the digital revolution

Interactive applications are an ingenious tool for providing your target group with all the necessary information about your product in the quickest possible way: invite your target group to interact directly with your 3D brand world, discover special features for themselves and thus ensure an emotional experience that no one is guaranteed to forget in a hurry.

We will be happy to advise you individually on which type of interactive application is best suited to your business goals. But we can make you one promise right now: No matter how complex your product or service is – we will find a way to make your vision visible and tangible.

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Send your target group on a virtual voyage of discovery

Interactive real-time 3D applications

Real-time 3D technology (RT3D) admittedly sounds quite complicated, but it is quickly explained: we develop a 3D environment for you with which your target group can interact directly (almost like in a computer game). This makes these applications ideal for virtual prototyping, simulations of autonomous systems, technician and safety training, quality control, remote maintenance, but also breathtaking product presentations.

Interactive VR applications

With interactive VR applications, you show your target group your ideal reality. All you need are VR headsets or VR goggles. Interactive VR applications are particularly suitable for 3D training, work instructions and guidance, for entertainment purposes as well as for sensational marketing measures.

3D configurators

With a real-time 3D configurator in the online shop, you ignite the turbo for your sales figures. At the very least, studies show that the conversion rate increases by around 40 percent as soon as you support your target group in the purchase decision with a 3D configurator. At the same time, a 3D configurator speeds up the process of creating an individual offer, which can save crucial time in the sales cycle.

Digital Twins

Digital twins are virtual images of real objects. But that’s not all! The digital twin remains permanently networked with this real object and is thus able to depict its actual state in real time. In this way, digital twins enable extremely accurate data collection, evaluations and documentation as well as efficient communication, organisation and planning.

Digital and interactive showrooms

A showroom that is open 24/7, accessible without barriers, costs no rent and is managed by a team that speaks all the languages of the world fluently – sounds too good to be true? With our interactive showrooms, we make this dream come true. The 3D showroom ideally stages your products and holds all the necessary information and wow effects ready to sustainably inspire your target group about your company.

Digital and interactive factory tours

Interactive factory tours create transparency and make your company tangible for customers and business partners. We help you to digitally depict and interactively visualise factory buildings, production steps, manufacturing processes or your company in its entirety. We will be happy to advise you individually on which type of application is best suited to your objectives.

More interaction, more illusion, more immersion:

Maximum user-friendliness
For us, the intuitive usability of our applications is absolutely in focus. Because nothing is more beautiful than technology that explains itself in a playful way.

Breathtaking flexibility
Whether smartphone, laptop, desktop PC, POS terminal or VR headset – with our interactive 3D applications you are guaranteed to cut a fine figure on all end devices.

Guaranteed independence
All our 3D visualisations work across browsers, without plug-ins and ensure an ideal user experience with all common software.

Four steps to interactive 3D visualisation

1. content and user experience

At tuneful, you and your company come first. That’s why we take enough time with each individual project to inform you about the technical possibilities and ultimately find the ideal solution for your individual requirements and objectives. Based on our many years of experience as a 3D agency, we develop unique strategies that are guaranteed to ideally depict your products and/or services.

2. first inspection

A first sneak peek: As soon as the strategy and concept are in place, we create a first preview of the rendering so that you gain a visual idea of your product in the desired scene. Based on this first version of the newly designed metaverse, we discuss further details and concretise strategic considerations.

3. finalisation

Slowly, we get down to the nitty-gritty: After we have discussed the preview of the rendering with you and incorporated your feedback on the preview into the 3D model, we develop the rendering further and underpin future interaction points with information. At the end of this step, the 3D model is already very close to the final product.

4. post production

In the last step, the real magic happens: the 3D model is immersed in the right colours and provided with shadows, light reflections and one or the other impressive special effect.You receive your interactive 3D application either as a WebGL online version or as a download variant. Optionally, we link your 3D visualisation directly to databases or your online shop and prepare it as an app for the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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