Virtual Reality

VR applications and AR experiences for unforgettable brand experiences and product presentations of the extra class

Virtual Reality

VR and AR applications for unforgettable brand experiences and top-class product presentations

Unique VR experiences for maximum immersion

VR applications and 360-degree videos convey the illusion of being in the middle of the action. VR applications thus promote interaction and provide unforgettable brand experiences that are guaranteed to stay in the mind.

Virtual reality offers unlimited possibilities in design: We design unique gaming experiences, informative VR adventures with depth or particularly immersive metaverse applications with special effects that blur all boundaries between reality and virtuality.

No VR glasses at hand?
No problem!

Our cardboards are “Made in Germany” and not only feel good due to their high-quality workmanship, but also function like the first time even after repeated use.

Four steps to a customised VR application

1. content and user experience

First, we get a detailed overview of your goals, wishes and requirements. On this basis, we develop an initial concept and start our creative phase. Here, our brightest minds sit down for brainstorming to make your vision a virtual reality.

2. preview

In the next step, we transfer our concept into a first preview. This already includes UX/UI design and gives you a first feeling for how your vision feels as a VR variant. After a detailed feedback meeting with you, we make further optimisations.

3. finalisation

Once their feedback has been incorporated into the design, we move on to the actual VR design. For this, we use the latest technology from the VR sector and bring the elements together in exactly the right way to create a harmonious and extraordinary VR experience.

4. post production

In the final step, we put the finishing touches to your VR application: we optimise colours, light points and shadows, underlay interactive elements with information and add exactly those special effects that ultimately make your metaverse look particularly realistic.

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